Dear Partner!
We are pleased to offer you a partnership with our Kindergarten! This is a great opportunity to be immersed in Russian language and culture. We are a bilingual early learning school (kindergarten), offering English lessons with native speaking English teachers. Our purpose is the formation of a successful person. As personality and individuality is formed in childhood, we promote this at an early age to give our children a head start on their road to success. We want our children to be happy, develop the capacity to reach their goals and become wise and tolerant. This will help them to gain the attention and respect of society: at school, at University and at general becoming successful in all aspects of life.
We believe that potential needs to be realized and harnessed in childhood, recognising and developing children's natural abilities helps them to become successful later in life.
We would be grateful for assistance in establishing strong foreign relationships with the aim of exchanging experience in teaching young children (from 2 years) English and other foreign languages.
We are happy to accept children aged 4 years (or younger children with their families) who are interested in Russian culture and the Russian language. We have organized a warm atmosphere with comfortable accommodation in flats and houses of our students’ families. Also we suggest that teachers and children participate in lessons with our highly qualified Russian language teachers.
Moscow is a huge bustling city with a wealth of history and culture. Sightseeing in Moscow should be on everyone's bucket list with some of the most breathtaking museums, art and architecture Europe has to offer, from the living museum of the Moscow metro to the spirals of Saint Basils Cathedral in Red Square, we can provide you with everything you need to experience our amazing city.

Our advantages
The bilingual principle. The Bilingual education system (BES) is a complex program and the main focus is on the identity of the child. The subjects the of English curriculum are duplicated in the Russian section. This allows children to learn English better, faster and more easily. They improve their English because the lexical meaning is duplicated in native and foreign languages, forming 2 language systems.
A foreign language is taught only by native speakers. This guarantees an excellent result as the child learns the original correct pronunciation and the living spoken language very quickly .
A unique integral educational concept had been developed by our psychologists. We educate the child to be purposeful, social, kind, tolerant and curious. This will makes them more confident and helps them to be more successful in adult life (for more details see our concept of education).
Each teacher is leading specialist in his field: graphics, design, art - the art teacher, Math - the mathematics teacher, speech development - the teacher of speech development, etc. The teaching assistant implements only the routine aspects of school life.
Children can realize their talents not only in general subjects, but also by attending additional programs in our kindergarten such as choreography, aikido, chess, theatre etc.
MILC kindergarten is located in a protected area and has a game platform in the open air and spacious grounds .
Every day the experienced chef cooks dishes for the children from fresh, organic products, providing a healthy balanced diet designed by a children's nutritionist .

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Our address:
Bilingual early learning school Moscow Innovative Language Centre (MILC)
14 Landyshevaya str, Kurkino, Moscow, 125466
Bilingual Kindergarten: 73 Yurovskaya str., Kurkino, Moscow, 125466

Contact phone: +7 (495) 997-23-65

                        Elena Panfilova,

                        Polina Vladykina,
                        Cross-cultural communication manager



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