Are you an energetic, enthusiastic person who likes to travel?
Do you enjoy working in a creative, innovative environment surrounded by the smiles of happy children?
Do you want to pursue a career in teaching English to children?
Then maybe our new BSE Training for Teachers programme is perfect for you!

Training for Teachers

Welcome to Moscow Innovative Language Centre!
We are a bilingual early learning school and kindergarten, offering children English lessons with the teachers - native speakers.
We have a scientific and research team. We study on how bilingualism can have an effect on a child’s development.
We are glad to invite you to get

Free* Training Programme for The Bilingual System of Education for teachers.
It gives you the priority to working as an English teacher in MILC and opportunity to work with our licensed partners.


-Citizenship: USA, UK, Canada

-Age: from 18 to 45 years

-Higher education in humanities (education, psychology)

-Experience of work with children and a desire to work with children is necessary

-TESL certificate
Training will take place over two weeks. This will consist of two sections: theory and practice. The theory section will involve basic knowledge in the field of education and psychology of preschool age children. Also, the Bill of Rights of the Child, and the developmental stages of children at each age.

The first week (days 1 to 7) will include theoretical training plus observation, lesson planning for the following week and a detailed discussion of the planning with an experienced member of staff.

The second week (days 8 to 10) will include teaching lessons that were planned in the previous week, a discussion with an experienced member of staff regarding the lessons, plus participation in general day to day activities
On day 11 there will be a test of knowledge gained about the theory of teaching and an interview. Followed by day 12, which will include the results from the previous day. After this a certificate will be issued, regarding the completion of this training in the bilingual system of education. The certificate will specify an overall grade on which the training was accomplished.
The Advantages of our Programm
Our programme is unique, being the only one in the Russian Federation that has a method for teaching pre-school children English as a second language. This programme will explain and train teachers how to use The Bilingual System of Education, making the teachers unique in understanding this system and being able to teach according to this.
2. The programme enables teachers to describe proficiently the features of each developmental stage of children up to school age, and also the psycholinguistic aspects of teaching pre-school English to non-native speakers. This programme also explains the main methods for teaching pre-school children and the tools in which to do so.
This is all possible, because our supervisors of the programme are all specialists in their own fields, being psycholinguists, teachers, methodologists and psychologists.
3. Our programme makes unique teachers. With the information gained teachers will appeal more toemployers and other companies, due to being a teacher in the unique field of The Bilingual System of Education.

Please feel free to download and complete the application form

* ticket, visa and accommodation are not included
Contact phone: +7 (495) 997-23-65

                        Elena Panfilova,

                        Polina Vladykina,
                        Cross-cultural communication manager
тел. (495) 997-23-65
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